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Moet Hennessy Turkey Visit

A study visit to Moet Hennessy İstanbul Office was a unique opportunity to gain insight into the operations of one of the world's leading luxury wine and spirits companies.

The visit was designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the company's operations, strategies, and culture in Turkey.

Our staff had the opportunity to meet with key personnel in different departments such as Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Logistics. The study visit also included a presentation on the company's products and brands, with a focus on their unique qualities and positioning in the market. Participants were able to taste some of the products and learn about the production process and sourcing of the ingredients.

Overall, the organised study visit to Moet Hennessy Turkey's Istanbul office was a highly informative and engaging experience. Participants were able to gain insights into the company's operations and strategies, as well as the broader luxury goods industry in Turkey.


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