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The core business of Cipro Group are spirits, wines and tobacco products. You can find brief information about our business partners below;



Has over 26,000 employees, and operations in 120 countries.


Headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland.

Integrating GALLAHER

When they acquired Gallaher, they once again welcomed the skills and experience of the company’s people, as well as their prestigious international product portfolio.


Their strategy is to make the most of their assets through a long-term focus on building brand equity with emphasis on their eight Global Flagship Brands – Winston, Camel, Mevius (previously Mild Seven), Benson & Hedges, Silk Cut, Sobranie, Glamour and LD.

Created in


when Japan Tobacco Inc (JT), their parent company, purchased the non-US operations of the multinational R.J. Reynolds for 7.8 billion USD


100 +

different nationalities work for JTI around the world


The number of JTI factories worldwide




employees joined JTI with the acquisition of Gallaher



offices worldwide



Our goal is clear:

To be the most succesful and respected tobacco company in the world


Million Euros in sales during 2014




Year Chateau D'yquem, the oldest wine estate in the LVMH Group, was founded







Moët & Chandon, Krug,

Veuve Clicquot, Hennessy

and Château d’Yquem are just

some of the world-renowned LVMH

wines and spirits brands that have

become synonymous with the most

prestigious origins and terroirs.


Located in Champagne, Bordeaux, and other illustrious

wine-growing regions, many of these are centuries-old

Houses with a unique character, which share a strong

culture of excellence.


Overseen by Moët Hennessy , these exceptional

champagnes, wines and spirits from

around the world come together as a

collection of rare brands where

heritage and innovation,

authenticity and

creativity converge.


To reinforce our brand attractiveness and influence throughout the world, we continue to innovate at all levels, from production to communication, putting quality at the center of our approach.

Christophe Navarre, CEO of Moët Hennessy.

Roust Trading


"Welcome to Roust. We are a group of consumer- focused companies with market-leading brands in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Italy and Hungary and a presence in more than 80 markets around the world. It is with great pride that I personally ensure that Roust products are of the highest quality and offer the best possible consumer experience."


Roustam Tariko

Founder and Chairman, Roust




Established in


in Switzerland 

Because, classic never goes out of style

VILLIGER and tobacco



After fermentation, the tobacco leaves are packed up in bales and are sent off on their journey to where the cigars are manufactured. This is where they are rolled up into noble cigars. A long filler cigar is handmade from whole leaf halves of high quality tobacco. A cigar comprises up to five different types of tobacco. The exact blend of each cigar recipe is thus the secret of its manufacture.


A high quality hand-rolled cigar fundamentally comprises three components: Fillers comprising several tobacco leaves, a binder that keeps the filler in shape, and a wrapper cut to size that gives the cigar its silky, shiny appearance. The harmonious mixture of the components gives each brand of cigar its characteristic taste. Most cigars also have an artfully designed cigar ring – also called a “cigar band” – which once used to protect the white gloves of the tobacco enjoyers in the men’s salon from turning yellow; today they mainly serve as a brand label.   


"If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go!"

Mark Twain


"The aroma of a cigar is for a man what perfume is for a woman"    Friedric Adolf Axel Freiherr Von Liliencronn

"The pleasure of smoking good cigars takes us back to times which have never been"

Oscar Wilde

A human adventure

Joachin Bonneval and Paul Peuch began distributing Bordeaux Grands Crus in 1904.Albert Peuch took over from them in 1949 and stepped up the pace of trade. He went into partnership with his brother-in-law, Pierre Besse, and renamed the trading company “Maison Peuch & Besse”. Deeply attached to the terroir and passionate about wine, he acquired Château Gravet-Renaissance Saint-Emilion Grand Cru in 1978.
Today, Isabelle Gec Peuch and Sylvain Combe continue the grass-roots contact so dear to their hearts and over the past few years have been developing two new areas of trade, Travel Retail and rugby.They have been operating in the Travel Retail sector since 2004 and prestigious establishments such as the Lagardère group place their trust in them and enable them to ply their trade in airports the world over.
Partners of CA Brive Corrèze and the "Tournoi des 6 stations" since its creation in 2013, and joined by Olivier Magne in 2011, they strive to pass on and share the same strong values embodied by rugby.
Backed by a dynamic team, and driven by their passion, they include many winemakers in their initiative, winemakers who get the best from their terroir and produce authentic wines.

Our wines

Based on our experience as owner-managers of Château Gravet-Renaissance, we carefully select wines from parcels adjacent to the most prestigious vineyards.

We work with winemakers who are constantly aiming for perfection and who are able to capture all the intensity of their terroir. Our involvement with the winemakers and our support contribute to our reputation and allow us to offer wines of outstanding quality which are a true reflection of their appellation.
Our sales team takes a very active part in our selections and proposes these wines produced by family-owned properties to our loyal customers every day. Our rich and varied range means we can satisfy all expectations.

Our warehouse in Saint-Emilion facilitates the logistics and management of orders.Our aim: share the emotions surrounding wine.


Caviar: The Black Pearl of the Seas:

The only food that is valuable as a pearl. In addition, another pleasentness of pearl metaphor is that you see thousands of Tahiti’s famous black pearls when you open a can of caviar. Bright, vibrant and tiny pearls...

From fisherman's huts to the palaces of kings, black caviar, one of the fabulous foods nature offers us, is an excellent source of nutrition. Good caviar has no particular odor and comes in a variety of shiny colors from silvery black to grayish brown. The size of the eggs is uniform and they do not clump together.

The variations of caviar are endless. The most acceptable is black caviar extracted from sturgeon. Its’ eggs forms one quarter of the fish, it is consumed cold, and served with sour cream or slightly buttered and grilled bread, parsley, onion, boiled egg white, pickled capers and crepes. Caviar which is one of the world’s highest level gastronomic product, acquainted with Paris centuries ago which is regarded as gastronomy capital. However, Adana province of Turkey will also be gastronomy capital from now on.


The Sturgeon:

Sturgeons, whose history dates back to between 200 and 250 million years ago, are the oldest freshwater fish.


Sturgeons lead a migratory life. They spend their youth in fresh water, then migrate to the sea. They return to fresh water to mate when they mature.

A storehouse of protein and vitamins:

Recognized by gourmets the world over as the elegant dish "Russian Caviar", black caviar not only posseses a rich and unique flavor, but is also known to contain nutrients that are quite beneficial.


The benefits of caviar are undeniable!


One of the main features is high amount of aphrodisiac effect in it. Caviar is very rich in protein, vitamin A, B, C, D & E
minerals and other useful organic beneficial compounds. It has a positive impact on human's normal development and proper operation
of body functions.

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Royal Caviar
Fashion Vodka Party Collection
Fashion Vodka Luxury Collection

Back in 2010, F BEVERAGES LTD

successfully launched a new line of 

FASHION BEVERAGES that has now established

itself in over 55 markets worldwide. 


The whole range incorporates the attributes and core values of FashionTV (FTV™), the largest fashion medium in the world and a name synonymous with fashion, glamour, sophistication,

beauty and luxury. FTV reaches over 360 million

 households worldwide through 3,000

satellite and cable operators.


You will also find it in more than seven

million public venues such as bars,

clubs,  hotels, airports,

fitness studios, beauty

salons, fashion

stores, and




Every so often, a product appears

on the market and instantly positions itself

in a class of its own; a product of remarkable

character and fine qualities; a product with the

pedigree of a leader. FASHION VODKA Luxury Collection

is such a product.


Filtered through centuries of intangible heritage, 

FASHION VODKA Luxury Collection breathes

new life into a once closely guarded recipe

dating back to 1783. A recipe that was

then reserved for the select few, now

delivers a pleasurable vodka

for connoisseurs

around the


Faithful to Michel Adam’s vision of making

FASHION VODKA accessible to a broader consumer

segment, a premium version was also produced:

the Party Collection. A vodka ranking at the top in its category,

it is produced from selected fine Polish grains to deliver a noble,

special-tasting mixture. Distilled four times and mixed with the purest,

treated by reverse osmosis water, the FASHION VODKA Party Collection is filter through a series of carbon micro-filters before bottling. This ensures pure vodka of unique character and a soft, harmonious, well-rounded taste.


Designed to mirror the signature features of the FASHION VODKA

 family, FASHION VODKA Party Collection follows the

principles of purity, clarity and simplicity with a design

that successfully represents style and confidence.

The extended use of gold colour in the overall

product presentation makes the design

more unified, conveys an extravagant

mood and a reflection of

high quality, as the

spirit within.


       of its own





           the pleasure

Fashion Vodka

Since 1926 GODIVA has been

the premier maker of the fine Belgian chocolate. Our heritage and the inspiration behind the Lady Godiva story helps to guide us in everything we do.

In 1926 when our founder Joseph Draps opened his first GODIVA Chocolatier shop in Brussels, Belgium, Godiva became the chocolatier of choice in Belgium and the talk of the chocolate world.



Octopus drinks was born when several companies decided to work together. We are the beveragedistribution company specialized in Europe and the Middle East. See why we are the perfect partner for developing your brand in this region.

With many years of experience we have the expertise it takes to help you develop sales and marketing strategies as well as to execute them. We provide efficient and individual consultancy.

We also developed our own brand Iced Coffee MUG that has outstanding shelf rotation performance. Discover the new booming drink.

First Brand,

First Success

As the iced coffee market is rapidly expanding, we felt that it is the perfect time to launch our own brand.

The market is divided between expensive high-end brands and cheap poor-looking products.

We took a new approach combining delicious taste and smart design at reasonable prices.


The Drinks Distribution Network



Born in the heart of Brooklyn, AriZona® Beverages came onto the scene with a fresh take on iced tea, which has now taken the world by storm. Since 1992, we’ve made it our mission to bring our customers great-tasting products, using top-quality ingredients, presented in uniquely designed packaging. All of which has been skillfully produced and made affordable to everyone.

Life is sweet

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